Recently, the bilingual female anchors Betty zhou (Betty) came to Shanghai, on behalf of the NBA's official interview "French small cars" - the SAN Antonio spurs star Tony parker. As the French player in the NBA, parker told her about his Chinese fans, French fans, cheap Kawhi Leonard jerseys supply as well as to the more and more the pride of the French players in the league. Later, two people still interact together, learn French pancakes Crepes. cheap Kawhi Leonard jerseys free shipping To move Betty zhou's delight, parker is the abbreviation of her name is Betty "B" and his jersey number "9" written on his pancakes do together, so flattered. Actually, this is Betty zhou second interview with Tony parker, in June 2013, she has been in the NBA finals SAN Antonio home and parker had conversations, and the spurs in the game of the finals champion. Parker came to China this time, will not feel to see his "lucky goddess", so to get his jersey number and Betty's name together?

In the past two years, Betty zhou has been as special NBA officials reported three NBA season, as many fans "best bilingual anchorwoman" in their mind. In 2013, she went to Miami, SAN Antonio and reported to the NBA finals for the entire interview. She also by NBA China official invitation to act as the host, host and covered the 2013 NBA China "the trump card in the NBA fans" activities. In December last year, she has been officially designated the NBA to host again in the second quarter of the NBA show the NBA agent (inside the NBA stuff), presented the NBA event for fan pitch the other side. Sina "embodies the NBA shows hosted and Betty zhou is a household name.

In February this year, Betty zhou also flew to New York to interview the NBA all-star game, an exclusive interview with harden, vladimir radmanovic, garage, Chris bosh, Owen, Thompson, antell Kong Bo, pippen, grant hill, deacon bei dikembe mutombo, Isaiah Thomas big-name players, etc. Professional basketball knowledge, dedicated working attitude, and atmospheric natural host style, she had made the New York times and the commercial edition of the SAN Antonio breaking news headlines, becomes in the Asian basketball anchorwoman NO. 1. Not only that, she also did kobe Bryant, lebron James, Kevin garnett, Howard, Ross, lamarcus aldridge, rubio, vladimir radmanovic, walter as star of China was the host, "an exclusive interview in the NBA's new CEO Adam XiaoHua, become a real Chinese NBA star interview most anchorwoman. Also because of her excellent language ability and relaxed and lively style, she in the interview process will wholesale Kawhi Leonard Jerseys often players and they communicate some interesting: she was chasing Taylor swift with Horace mann di singing country rock, and radmanovic cheap Spurs Kawhi Leonard jerseys jump hip-hop, daughter and father relationship and Kevin garnett chat, chat and lamarcus aldridge.

Actually, Betty zhou achievement is by no means lucky. Sexy beautiful looks from her long-term adherence to exercise. By the majority of people think is "ABC" spoken English and professional basketball term, from her hard work from scratch. Health sexy image, atmospheric westernized style, lively and interesting talk has made her become a force to be reckoned with in the hosting industry.

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