According to the latest twitter of NBA 2 k, head of the community, in the upcoming NBA 2 k16 game, there will cheap Jeff Teague jerseys free shipping be a total of six players ability to value above 90 (does not contain historical players).

According to other wholesale Jeff Teague jerseys from china insider exposure value, some players among the six people, the only can be determined, it is still dominated the league of the throne of the first person to the Cleveland cavaliers star lebron James, but its ability to value than the cheap Jeff Teague jerseys supply decline from the previous year, to 94.

It is worth mentioning that in the NBA 2 k15, a total of only four players ability to value in more than 90, including lebron James in 98 ranked the first, followed by Kevin durant (95), Chris Paul (91), and Tim Duncan (90).

We can find that, James compared with last year, have comparatively obvious decline in personal values, which is directly related cheap Hawks Jeff Teague jerseys to the fall instead of personal data. But due to the rapid rise of a group of young players, a top level player has been on the rise. Believe in last season's several big MVP candidates such as Stephen curry, James harden, Anthony Davis and Wisconsin brooke Russell, is ability to value the potential of 90 + choice.

In addition to James, from insider exposure of the screenshots of the game, we can also see: pau gasol of the Chicago bulls ability value is 86, Jeff Teague jerseys for sale Atlanta hawks al horford is 83, and from the Boston celtics, Isaiah Thomas (81), Avery Bradley (77), jared, France (77), David lee (76), Taylor zeller (76), evan Turner (74) is also in line with their actual performance respectively on the field last season.

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