According to USA today reported, before the 2006 draft rules change, high school students can be advanced placement directly into the NBA. In the NBA early appeared a lot of outstanding high school students. Now, a generation of high school star Moses - Malone dies, USA today, also named the ten high school player in NBA history.

1. Kobe Bryant, lower merion high school

Bryant's honor proved everything - five NBA titles, two finals MVP, 17 all-star squad, 12 times to be included in the all-defensive team, 2008 regular season MVP, total score history. 3. Kobe Bryant is one of the most famous star in NBA history, he is 37 years old, but he is still in play.

2. Lebron James, st. Vincent - st. Mary high school

James has reason to be regarded as the best player in NBA history. He is 6 feet and 8 inches cheap Cavaliers Kevin Love jerseys and 250 pounds, five position can play, he has a defender, the speed of also has a center of power. James got a championship twice, four times to get the MVP, 11 all-star, 6 times into the all-defensive team. And he is young, continue to move forward.

3. Moses - Malone, Petersburg high school

Malone is the first high school advanced placement into the professional league players, he was drafted by ABA Utah star. Malone is a rebound ace, a double-double machine, he won the NBA finals MVP, three NBA MVP, 13 times all-star, also is the NBA hall of famer. In his career, Malone is averaging 20.6 points and 12.2 rebounds, he ranked eighth Kevin Love jerseys for sale in the NBA scoring list, and the fifth ranked rebounds.

4. Kevin garnett, farragut vocational college

Garnett ranked 15th in the NBA in scoring, rebounding list ranked 9th place, block list in 17th. Like a row in front of his players, garnett is very comprehensive, in a number of lists are among the top - 2004 MVP, defensive players, 15 times into the all-star, 12 times into the all-defensive team. Garnett is 39 years old, he would surely enter the hall of fame.

5. Dwight Howard, the southwestern Christian college in Atlanta

Howard is 6 '11 "and 265 pounds, this year 29 years old, he was playing, when didn't get too many honors, but also is the NBA's top center. He got the best defensive player of the year award three times, took part in the eight all-star, five times to be included in the all-defensive team, also is the NBA dunk contest champion. Howard is one of the greatest center today.

6. Tracy McGrady, cheap Kevin Love jerseys free shipping mount zion Christian academy

T-mac never demanding in scoring, he's ever had a feat of 33 seconds 13 points. From 2000 to 2000, McGrady averaged 26.1 points and 6.3 rebounds, 5.4 assists, and his seven all-star, 2 times to get the NBA scoring champion, in 2001, he was elected the NBA most improved player, he scores from 15.4 to 26.8. McGrady's problem is that there are too many injuries, he had never taken, knee and back injury affected his career.

7. - shawn kemp, concord high school

Although kemp attended the university of Kentucky, but he did not take part in any game. Kemp played 14 in the NBA season, averaging 14.6 points and 8.4 rebounds 1.2 block 1.1 steals. Kemp six all-star, 1996 help supersonic kill into the finals, but lost to the bulls. Kemp without drinking very hard working, fly in the sky, but then get fat, wholesale Kevin Love jerseys from china also parted ways with good partner Gary payton.

8. Amare stoudemire, Cyprus creek high school

Amare was one of the most explosive force big cheap Kevin Love jerseys supply men in the NBA, in his third season, he averaged 26 points, 8.9 rebounds, shooting is 55%. But little later suffered a knee injury, the injury let amare thunderbolt fell. Amare six all-star, push yao to get the best young player award in 2003, he was also a young player of the NBA's first high school students.

9. Monta Ellis, lanier high school

Ellis only 29 years old, he still contribute. At present, the 10 seasons, Ellis is averaging 19.3 points and 4.8 assists, 3.5 rebounds, shooting 45%. Ellis has great potential, but he lacks some honor to prove himself.

10. Darrell - dawkins Maynard - Evans high school

"Chocolate bomb" dawkins, is famous for its amazing power, to buckle breaking boards marked when I was younger, he is also one of the best will buckle in NBA history. Although dawkins is averaging 12.0 points and 12.0 rebounds 1.4 block is not very good, but he really is a generation of icon.

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